GSV Innovations was established in Abuja, Nigeria. GSV Innovations Ltd is a provider of high-level Security Systems, Retail Security Solution, Building Automation, Home Automation, Audio Visual Systems, IT & Telecommunications, ICT & other Electrical Systems for commercial, government and industrial sectors throughout the Nigeria. We are committed to you in the strategic design and seamless execution of innovative, state-of-the-art technology security systems that are delivered within budget and agreed time scales. Our core strength is based on GSV Innovations investing in its people and its products to protect your people and your assets with continued growth throughout the Nigeria and West Africa. GSV Innovations world-class security technology is supported by highly experienced security specialists, design engineers, service and maintenance professionals all furnished with years of experience in the integration of major systems.
We standout from other competitors in the market not only with our numerous services but also because of several reasons like regular service checks, user friendly appliances, customer friendly staff etc.
Our sales team is enriched with the ability to garner onto new projects, which in turn are accomplished by our efficient team of service engineers and technicians.
We select appropriate places as to where our equipment is to be installed rather than leaving that burden to the customers, for example in case of security installations, we select which places in the building or within the organization are prone to threats and need constant surveillance and then only after the customer’s satisfaction about the place, we go on with the installation. We understand your needs and act appropriately.
We also advice the customers as to which process of installation would be more cost effective, where at the same place quality is one which we do not compromise. We make sure that we deliver the best quality products in the market at a very affordable price range.


To be a Competitive & Quality Value Provider in Electronic Security & Surveillance Business. To provide latest Technology & Service through sustained Research, Development and through partnership with International Suppliers.


To become nationally Networked Enterprise in Electronic Security & Surveillance System with Innovative Solution under One Roof.

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